How to Manage Product

As in any e-commerce Product management is the one the most used feature for an e-commerce administrator so keep that in mind we try to make product management as easy as possible in avored e-commerce.

Create a product

To create a product Login to Admin area of Avored.

Shop=>Product=>Create Product

Fill out the attribute fields as shown in Image.

  • Name
  • Type

Create a product into Avored e-commerce

Edit a product

To Edit a product Login to Admin area of Avored. When it comes to Product edit is the screen to manage all possible product attributes and properties into an avored. so to make it more easier we have distributes all product properties into few different cards and all cards has their own related attributes and properties


Product Edit screen cards:

  • Product Basic Info card
  • Product Images card
  • Product SEO card
  • Product Property card
  • Product Attributes (Only Apprears when your product type is: variable Product)
  • Product Downloadable Info (Only Apprears when your product type is: Downloadable Product)
  • Product Related Product Card(Only Appears if you have related Product module installed!)

Product Basic Info Card Snapshot

Basic Product Properties

  • Name
  • Categories
  • Slug
  • SKU
  • Description
  • Price
  • Status
  • Qty
  • In Stock
  • Track Stock
  • Is Taxable
  • Weight
  • Width
  • Height
  • Length

Edit a product basic info card into Avored e-commerce

Product Images Card Snapshot

Usually the first image that you upload becomes the product main image but if you want to change the products main image you simply click on the arrow icon as shown in the image and it will turn to green arraow icon and click save.

Edit a product Image info card into Avored e-commerce

Destroy a product

To Destroy a product Login to Admin area of Avored.


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