Module Admin Configuration

Admin configuration is a way to storing the system level values into a database and as a module developer can use those values into different stages of an module.

Admin Configuration is now part of an \AvoRed\Framework\Support\Facades\Tab facade. Only the thing that have to keep in mind that when you register a tab for a Admin Configuration make the key stay intact with the existing avored/framework.

Let me give you an example: Let say you want to add a configuration for a AvoRed Pickup shipping module and you want to add configuration regarding that. In this situation you can simple open your Module.php@boot method and add the below code to register an tab.

use AvoRed\Framework\Support\Facades\Tab;
use AvoRed\Framework\Tab\TabItem;

// How to add a new Admin Configuration Tab
@note Check the Tab Key here. Make sure do not change the ***system.confuguration*** as a key.
Tab::put('system.configuration', function (TabItem $tab) {

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