Strip Pament error


je suis en train de tester avored ecommerce, et je rencontre l'erreur suivante lors de la soumission de mon formulaire checkout.

Cannot use object of type AvoRed\Framework\Cart\Product as array

sur le fichier 


ligne 83  $subTotal += $product['price'] * $product['qty'];

boucle sous total
  • foreach ($cartProducts as $product) {
  • $subTotal += $product['price'] * $product['qty'];
  • $taxTotal += $product['tax_amount'] * $product['qty'];
  • }

  • Merci pour votre aide car je bloque
  • Purvesh had replied 11 months ago

    Bug has been fixed: 

    Please reinstalled it again to get the latest code or 

    If you don't want to reinstall it again in that event try below download below file and replay it with the code:

    Step 2: do `composer update`

        composer update


    I hope this above technique works for you.

    Purvesh had replied 11 months ago

    Open all modules `register.yaml` and add the following content in those files.

    open a file `modules/avored/banner/register.yaml`

          identifier: avored-banner

          name: AvoRed Banner #new line added

          description: AvoRed Banner Module

          namespace: AvoRed\Banner\

          status: Enabled  #new line added

    Please repeat this step for the all the modules that you have inside `modules/avored`. 

    • banner
    • brand
    • cash-on-delivery
    • contact
    • dummy-data
    • featured
    • fixed-rate
    • pickup
    • promotion
    • related
    • review
    • subscribe

    If you don't have any please skip it.