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I've installed Avored E Commerce locally and everything works fine except when I click on the cart icon I got below message :

ErrorException (E_ERROR) Invalid argument supplied for foreach() (View: /laravel-ecommerce/themes/avored/default/views/cart/_single_product.blade.php) (View: /laravel-ecommerce/themes/avored/default/views/cart/_single_product.blade.php)

<?php $currentLoopData = $product->attributes(); $env->addLoop($currentLoopData); foreach($currentLoopData as $attribute): $env->incrementLoopIndices(); $loop = $env->getLastLoop(); ?>

How do I solve this issue ?

Purvesh 7 months ago

Feel like its a bug so i am looking at it. Just a question have you during installation have you install dummy data?

reezalaq 7 months ago

I think so because there are few products at the front page.

Purvesh 7 months ago

I can't replicate your bug. I have try it with dummy data and without dummy data but i can't replicate your bug in my copy.

can you export your database and put it on google drive or share me your database dump file with me then i can take a look at it and fixed it.


marco 5 months ago

I-ve got exactly the same problem

Just installed avored following instruction and dummy data as well.

    have you a solution ?


Purvesh 5 months ago

@marco can you export your database sql file and share with me via Pastebin or any other way (dropbox,google drive).

I have a feeling that this bug is related to some particular way of creating attribute or properties for the product.

thanks Purvesh

Purvesh 5 months ago

Hello @marco i have try your database file and i can do go to home page, cart page or checkout everything is working fine for me.

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