Lots of issues


I was looking for this kind of feature (laravel shop) and I've stumbled upon an article that had a link to your website, among other solutions for shopping. I've decided to give yours a run because I liked the UI, but there are lots of issues:

  • Your application cannot run with the latest version 7 of Laravel, it can only run on v5.8, which is sad
  • Menu builder is so buggy I don't even know where to start but here are a couple of issues:
  • On the left hand side where you have the categories, front menus, etc: if you drag any of them in the same container they will duplicate forever
  • On the right hand side where is the Menu Builder: if you drag any of the items inside themselves they will disappear and never to show up again
  • Categories: there is only one level of them?!?!!! You cannot have subcategories, which I find unbelievable for a shop solution
  • The Admin interface is not that intuitive, I had problems figuring most of the things there by trial and error
  • In Frontend, the Checkout page should never be accessed if there are no products in the shopping cart
  • and many other things I'll leave out..

It's too bad, I really liked this application, but under these circumstances I can't use it anywhere :(

I really hope you'll find the time to address these issues at least and give your users a standing chance.

Thank you.

1 year ago

Thanks for very nice feedback.

  • I am currently testing it with laravel 7 hopefully to be available in next release.
  • Buggy Menu Builder: I have added a way of destroying a menu.
  • I am not sure exactly what do you mean in point 3 & 4 but i think its regarding that not able to delete the menu item from right hand side? (Let me know if i have understood wrong).
  • Categories to have a sub categories. The way i was thinking is that we should not have any sub categories. that's why i have a menu builder concept where admin can create a Main categories and all the sub categories goes inside the Main Menu. (one main issue that:: On the category filter (Frontend Category page with filter) How do i determine which are the sub categories for this main categories. As a solution i was thinking to introduce admin can select all the filter that will be displayed on the category page (I hope it make sense).
  • Frontend checkout page: I think it's related to the Laravel Mix Dynamic loading of the vue component.

Currently i am working on most of the component like Input, Table , Select and etc. Possible sooner be able to migrate to use TailwindCss instead of this Ant Design framework.


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