Getting error in front end while loding user side home page

getting error's

1.) app.js:129 GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

2.) Vue warn]: Failed to resolve async component: function () {

 return __webpack_require__.e(/*! import() */ 23).then(__webpack_require__.bind(null, /*! ../components/layout/Layout.vue */ "./resources/components/layout/Layout.vue"));


Reason: ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 23 failed.

9 months ago

Parth.. I know recently i think many people is complaining about this and i have investigate i think some of the reason is they way laravel dynamic component loading works. In some case solution is run `npm run dev` twice. and in some cases the bug was happening because of the way i was registering the module component on the fly.

In my dev environment all is working fine. I am releasing the new version soon with tailwind css and removing ant design so it's a big change is coming. Hopefully in new version things gets better.


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