Extending admin area

Hello, first of all thank you for this package.

I have question: What is the best way to extend admin data or template. E.g. I would like to add select box with categories - product default category

Thank you


Purvesh had replied 4 months ago

i would suggest to add a route on frontend.

routes/web.php and add a another route like

Route::get('admin/category', 'Admin/CategoryController@adminExtend')->name('admin.category.index'); // make sure you follow the route name convension properly.

Add a Controller at app/Http/Controllers/Admin/CategoryController add a method adminExtend

        public function adminExtend() {
                 // do what you like to do it here or copy if from admin controller method and change the line that you like to change it.
                 return view('admin.category.index');

I hope it make sense and gives you a starting point.