Error in database correction


I have recently tried an install of AvoRed on an OSX system and the folder & file installation was all good however when I tried to run the "php artisan avored:install" command these errors occurred:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Purvesh had replied 5 months ago

Make sure you have .env file setup properly. Open up your .env file and edit your database name, database username and database password. Let me know if problems still persist or not?

harry had replied 4 months ago

Yes so it does a partial download on the databases:

Not too sure what the issue is.

Purvesh had replied 4 months ago

I feel like it you have an issue during an installation do you want to restart the whole process and if you have the same problem then please check the laravel.log file which you can find it at.

storage/log/laravel.log and dump the content here. Make sure you empty the file before you start the whole process.

mukul had replied 3 months ago

there is an issue with mysql query there json is not any data type in mysql please provide direct db.sql for proceed.