Error: Call to a member function namespace() on null

Hi there!

I get this error when I run php artisan avored:install after I say "yes" to installing Dummy Data.

All I did was run the following code, in this order, in terminal:

laravel new livestock24 cd livestock24 npm install npm run dev composer require avored/framework php artisan vendor:publish --provider="AvoRed\Framework\AvoRedProvider"

(Then I set up my database and changed the details in .env)

Then I run : php artisan avored:install

What could be causing this?

7 months ago

Looks like it having some issue on missing class or it's missing some files. Let me try it in my local and get back to you.

Michael du Plessis
Michael du Plessis
6 months ago

Hi there Purvesh! Did you find what the cause to this could be? Looking forward to your response.

5 months ago

Sorry with job and every thing i just dont have a time yet to look at it.

But to me it looks like because you are installing framework only so the reason is you don't have a dummy data module into your project which is causing that issue.

I do remember that i never check the fact that user have installed the dummy data module or not. So try again with no as a dummy data and let me know if it works or not?

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