Db Installation issue

I am not able to install complete db on this project. there is an issue with db query order_product.

Purvesh had replied 4 months ago

Are you using mysql or Maria DB? If you are using mysql make sure you have latest 5.7 version support which has the json data type support.

mukul had replied 4 months ago

Hi, i am useing version of mysql details are below

Variable_name Value innodb_version 5.6.41-84.1 protocol_version 10

slave_type_conversions version 10.1.37-MariaDB version_comment mariadb.org binary distribution version_compile_machine 32 version_compile_os Win32 version_malloc_library system version_ssl_library YaSSL 2.4.4

Purvesh had replied 4 months ago

they won't support json data type. you have two option you can upgrade your mysql to 5.7 or

open a file vendor/avored/framework/database/migrations open the file in that folder.

replace below code : Line no 150

    Schema::create('order_product', function(Blueprint $table) {
        $table->decimal('price', 11, 6);
        $table->decimal('tax_amount', 11, 6);
        $table->text('product_info')->nullable()->default(null);  // CHANGE LINE