Extending admin area
Module Dev
Date posted: 03-Jan-2019

Hello, first of all thank you for this package.

I have question: What is the best way to extend admin data or template. E.g. I would like to add select box with categories - product default category

Thank you


please add coupon discount system module
Module Dev
Date posted: 20-Oct-2018

please add coupon discount system module

error to integrate module contact
Module Dev
Date posted: 06-Oct-2018

Script @php artisan package:discover handling the post-autoload-dump event returned with error code 1

error category in navbar &(total shiping)
Module Dev
Date posted: 24-Jul-2018

when i do composer update

when I click on a category an error is displayed (http://localhost:8000/category/electro)

BadMethodCallException thrown with message "Method Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder::getCategoryProductWithFilter does not...

Social Login
Module Dev
Date posted: 13-Jul-2018

Hi, I have created the social login module in Avored using Socialite package. in order to use Socialite we have to setup config values in config/services.php file

 'twitter' => [

Trying to integrate Razorpay payment gateway
Module Dev
Date posted: 05-Jul-2018


I am trying to create Razorpay payment gateway module, is there any doc available for that or if you can guide me the steps it would be very helpful to me in order to create the module. In order to use this Application i should have Razorpay...

Cash on Delivery Module
Feature Module Dev
Date posted: 13-May-2018

Is there any Cash on Delivery Module available for Avored shopping of Laravel

How to create a Shipping Module
Module Dev
Date posted: 13-May-2018

I was hoping to create a shipping module for avored e commerce. Is there any docs available for specifically for shipping module.