Firefox I can't able to login into an Admin Panel of avored
Date posted: 29-Jun-2018

Hello, I just installed a fresh version of avored and when I use firefox I can't able to login into an admin pane of the website but its working fine in google chrome?

AvoRed Bug List
Date posted: 18-May-2018

1- admin/admin-user/edit if no image uploaded an error appear call to a member function getClientOriginalName() on null

Product Admin Edit
Date posted: 16-May-2018

when i am in admin and i click on product edit 

when i click on delete product image it doesn't work for me.

Add to Cart Qty Check
Date posted: 16-May-2018

even if i have only 10 quantity available only even it allow customer to buy 100. 

It needs to do qty check before it allow add to cart. 

AvoRed UnitTest
Date posted: 11-May-2018

As i have started this AvoRed an Laravel E commerce as an app but i am moving towards the Packages and modular based E commerce.

I am in need of some help who can help me to add more PHP Unit Test. I have done some unit test for the AvoRed Framew...