Order Return
Date posted: 22-Sep-2018

I am starting to work on order returns for the customer.

Let say you placed an order and order comes faulty or wants to return an order so I am thinking to implement that feature into avored e-commerce. 

Order History
Date posted: 28-Jun-2018

Do you have a order history features into Avored?

Multi Currency Setup
Date posted: 17-Jun-2018

Is there any module or a way to setup Multi currency in AvoRed Laravel Shopping cart?

Cash on Delivery Module
Feature Module Dev
Date posted: 13-May-2018

Is there any Cash on Delivery Module available for Avored shopping of Laravel

Banner Slider Module
Date posted: 04-Apr-2018

Banner Slider Module

Its nice to have a Banner Slider Module with Category Link or Other Links. 

Possible with Enable Status and Start & End Date.

Related Product Module
Date posted: 01-Apr-2018

It would be a great to have a Related Products on the Prodcut page of the Avo red E commerce