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Banner Slider Module

Its nice to have a Banner Slider Module with Category Link or Other Links. 

Possible with Enable Status and Start & End Date.

Purvesh 1 year ago

Basic AvoRed Banner slider module is done. 

take a look at this git hub repository for more information

yousuf patel 1 year ago

can you please tell me In home view how to call banners.

Purvesh 1 year ago

Here is something that would help you.

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CMS=>Page=>Edit(Home Page)

put the editor cursor on the Place where you like to display banner slider then click on one USB looks like ICON in the content editor it will popup a modal box with a list of the widget. where you can see a banner widget select the banner widget and click Insert Widget button.

Then go and upload a banner using CMS=>Banner once you have a banner you will see it into Frontend side.

If you want to change the Html for the Banner Slider then you can use vendor:publish command for Laravel and publish the view files into themes/avored/default/vendor folder which you can change the HTML. 

I hope it helps.

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