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Module Permission

Permission facade is very helpful for adding an permisison for your custom module admin routes. Let say you want add a simple permission for your subscribe user routes into an Admin of AvoRed E commerce. You can do that simply adding into your module.php files boot method by registering an Permission. Only the thing that needs to be make sure here is you use a routes name property and into your routes makes sure you named all routes as it mention in route docs.

use AvoRed\Framework\Permission\Facade as PermissionFacade;

use AvoRed\Framework\Permission\PermissionGroup;
$permissionGroup = PermissionFacade::add('subscribe', function(PermissionGroup $group){
        $group->label('Subscriber Permissions');

use AvoRed\Framework\Permission\Permission;
$permissionGroup->addPermission('admin-subscribe-list', function(Permission $permission) {
        $permission->label('Subscriber List')
$permissionGroup->addPermission('admin-subscribe-create', function(Permission $permission) {
    $permission->label('Subscriber Create')
$permissionGroup->addPermission('admin-subscribe-update', function(Permission $permission) {
    $permission->label('Subscriber Update')
$permissionGroup->addPermission('admin-subscribe-destroy', function(Permission $permission) {
    $permission->label('Subscriber Destroy')
$permissionGroup->addPermission('admin-subscribe-show', function(Permission $permission) {
    $permission->label('Subscriber Show')

So as mention above once the permission gets Register with PermissionFacade then AvoRed E commerce Administrator can simple go to User Roles menu and manage the permission easily by ticking on checkboxes.

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