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Module Admin Menu

AdminMenu facade is very helpful for adding an admin menu for your custom module. Let say you want add a simple admin menu for your subscribe user list menu into an Admin of AvoRed E commerce. You can do that simply adding into your module.php files boot method by registering an Menu.

use AvoRed\Framework\AdminMenu\Facade as AdminMenuFacade;
use AvoRed\Framework\AdminMenu\AdminMenu;

// Below Line of code add a top level Menu into an Admin
        ->icon('fa fa-book');

// Below Line of get the added top level Menu
$promotionMenu = AdminMenuFacade::get('promotion');

// Below Line of code add a SubMenu of a Promotion Menu        
$promotionMenu->subMenu('subscribe',   function(AdminMenu $menu) {
        ->label('Subscribe List')
        ->icon('fab fa-book');

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